Make You Mine [Un-edited Version]

Make You Mine [Un-edited Version]

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N.K. By NKSamrose Completed

"I've been watching you, waiting for you, and wanting you for so long. Now I have a chance. A chance to love you, hold you, and be with you.  A chance for us to spend the rest of our lives together. A chance to make you mine." - Ian Hunt

Not a typical love story, but a twisted love story.

Not a Vampire story. 

Also Rated R for strong language and sexual content. This is the un-edited version so it has mistakes. I posted the edited version but if you still choose to read this then  please do your best. Again,  thanks for reading and enjoy MYM! :) 
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kayloubuz kayloubuz Dec 29, 2017
Guys I’m gonna need a can of piss to get me through this, no food???
IcyTwister IcyTwister Sep 17, 2017
LMAOOO I so lost it at 'then don't tell ur parents' OMG 😭😭😂😂😂😂
IcyTwister IcyTwister Sep 17, 2017
How can u be best friends after sth like that ? Lmao that guy is stupid
IAmVeryFuckedUp IAmVeryFuckedUp Jul 31, 2017
My ex would have to call me a billion times before I'd even consider picking up. *goes and sits passively aggressively in a corner*
IAmVeryFuckedUp IAmVeryFuckedUp Jul 31, 2017
I went loco on my ex when he was like "Let's be friends" literally 4 months after we broke up, and he had the puta he'd been screwing behind my back right behind him....
                              That was yesterday.
IcyTwister IcyTwister Sep 17, 2017
My dad's phone no is unknown so I HAVE to answer all unknown calls else he gets hella mad