How it began: A Jily Fanfiction

How it began: A Jily Fanfiction

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Amber Sapphire By XDSapphireXD Completed

Follows James and Lily through their last year at Hogwarts.
Join in with the trouble making of the marauders, the suspense of Quidditch games, and the budding romance between James and Lily.

19 parts plus an epilogue

I do not own any of these characters or places they belong and always will belong to JK Rowling

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  • harrypotter
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How can she say no to this how can she say no to this in her she’s trying to go go go
gracex0 gracex0 May 11, 2016
                              Hey! I love this story!
                               it would really mean a lot if could go check out my jily fic :)
lilster_ lilster_ Sep 03, 2016
I read shocked as shook what has the Internet done to me😂
IMA4000 IMA4000 Apr 24, 2016
Bet you 5 galleons someone told James he and no chance unless he stopped being so big headed.
                              On a side note: Very adorable beginning!
                              -Sir Kiwi of Durmstrang
Elvendork_Its_Unisex Elvendork_Its_Unisex Jan 24, 2017
I could. I could say no right now. See watch, no n-o, simple as that! 🖒
Dam_Wise_Girl Dam_Wise_Girl Dec 31, 2016
They are going somwhere, together, they have a shot at romance, IT"S A DATE