You're My Flower, Lily - A Lily Evans and James Potter Fanfic (Jily)

You're My Flower, Lily - A Lily Evans and James Potter Fanfic (Jily)

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You know the story of Lily and James Potter, but how did it come to be? This is, in my eyes, how they finally started dating in their 7th and final year of Hogwarts. Ft. the Marauders and their antics :)

Updates twice every week whenever possible. I can't promise that I won't skip a day every once in a while 

This is going to be a 50 part story.

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soorooh soorooh Jul 11
inaccurate his glasses are square i'm done with this fanfiction of lies
Oh, Voldemort's nipples! Seriously, Sirius! Always the drama queen
I love how even though they aren't even at Hogwarts yet, James still gives off "the im so done" vibe
If it was Fred or George's hand shaking I wouldn't take it, I mean, it could have that strange thing that gives you electricity 😂
I feel like Dumbledore shipped Jily so making James head boy was a way for them to get together
skyshowers skyshowers Oct 09
Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows REMUS  was head boy not JAMES