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radical // ziam //

radical // ziam //

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r By zapsterpiece Completed

"So Zayn," he clears his throat, "come with me." Is all what he offers to the boy.

ariarydergalaxia ariarydergalaxia Sep 09, 2016
It was at this moment that Zayn J. Malik knew...
                              He fūcked up so bad.
Schalloob Schalloob Feb 17
Me in geometry and every other class!! Even lunch cuz there's so mush drama!!!!
JaZmyn_XP JaZmyn_XP Aug 05, 2016
                              I wouldn't be able to live there, my queen as doesn't take no disrespeck.
dreamy_lullaby dreamy_lullaby Jul 14, 2016
Liam doesn't want Zayn to find the bodies he has hidden in every corner of his mansion.
lorde4323 lorde4323 Jul 09, 2016
Two chapters in and Zayn's already thinking about his bum #Goals
dreamy_lullaby dreamy_lullaby Jul 14, 2016
Did Zayn my poor poor baby live under a rock or something? Stranger-Danger did they teach you at school. You run not move in with creepy murderers