Percy Jackson - His Mother's Side

Percy Jackson - His Mother's Side

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Samantha By samigirl101 Updated Oct 12, 2017

When Percy is summoned home from camp to see some weird people on his couch, let's just say he's confused. When he finds out that he has another evil relation, he's not happy. Well, off to Hogwarts. 

Harry is astounded. Voldemort- the lowlife scum of the wizarding world- has a grandson. Now Dumbledore wants him,  Hermoine, and Ron to get him, and become friends. Harry must be crazy because he agrees to go. 

Set after PJO but before HoO ( I want him 15/16)  and during OoTP

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Oceans_fangirl Oceans_fangirl Aug 29, 2017
Harry when a man and a women love each other very much they........
                              Go to then type in baby. A buch of babies pop up or out and click on the one they want. And order that baby. And it'll come in 9 months
south-side-slytherin south-side-slytherin Oct 16, 2017
Well you see when to people like each other they might decide to have a child
who else imagined a dumbledore slamming his fists upon the table and standing up during the first few lines?
GoldenFoxyThePirate GoldenFoxyThePirate Jul 21, 2017
Percy Jackson. Evil. 
                              Jackson may get annoying at times, but he's more of a hero than you. Take that from the first son of Aphrodite. Who's overpowered with overpowered friends who aren't even demigods..
Why do they always mention that Percy’s life is harder than Harry’s. I doubt Percy would like people saying that about him.
LeosonofApollo45 LeosonofApollo45 Sep 15, 2017