Guardian of the Golden trio (Under some serious editing)

Guardian of the Golden trio (Under some serious editing)

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Percy Jackson to the rescue again, but this time, it's not as easy. Not only has his old evil grandfather Kronos Aka the time freak risen again, but he brings along another friend. An all evil all powerful Wizard that goes by the name Voldemort. Percy gets dragged into yet another war of tyrants, and the protection of the boy who lived. 

But will Percy be able to overcome the sadness and grief of his friends deaths, and win this deadly war?

Or will he crumble and fall to the pressure of saving lives?

Ok, this story has been edited, or is in the process. There is a second book to this, but i'd advise you not read it yet otherwise you will be thoroughly confused. AND finally, I had a very.... nice chat with Thanatos and got back the following characters. No death threats against death involved...

All the dead members from the order of the phoenix
and that's it I think.

I don't know when the story is set in Harry Potter times, i've just mixed and mashed

  • crossovers
  • harrypotter
  • kronos
  • magic
  • percyjackson
  • permione
  • voldemort
panicwithromance panicwithromance 4 days ago
Only one paragraph in and it’s already amazing I have good feelings about this
                              STUFF IT - I WILL DO IT
                              All his friends are dead
                              Hey, let's bless ya, k Percy?
                              YER A WIZARD NOW!!
Maddie13cat Maddie13cat Jul 30
this one plz because Annabeth framed as NoOne and that makes No one Annabeth.
OgFrosty OgFrosty 4 days ago
My earlier comment is probably gonna be reported so I’m gonna day it again in a more appropriate way,  I like how you didn’t make Zeus hate everyone
What if Percy adopts a kid and the 'true love' would be his love for this child. True love doesn't have to be romantic, it can be paternal too! Just like in Maleficent, she loved Arora but as a guardian. This way Percbeth is still established but Percy moved on and mended his broken heart.