Demigods in Hogwarts (PJO/HOO and Harry Potter crossover) (under slow editing)

Demigods in Hogwarts (PJO/HOO and Harry Potter crossover) (under slow editing)

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shmur By SolangeloSquad Completed

This is just a small free-write thing that I am doing.

Demigods from both camps are sent to a wizarding school to defend the school against the rising threat. Will the heroes succeed in their quest? Or will they fall to the hands of evil? What will happen to the demigods at Hogwarts? 

This is my first story, so sorry about any mistakes.

(Started writing before ToA)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters (unless I decide to make an OC)

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MeMeMeAwesomeMeMeMe MeMeMeAwesomeMeMeMe Aug 25, 2017
finally a good prophecy, I mean most go like this: demigods meet wizards 
                              and help defeat the dark lord
                              son of poseidon will something something
MelodicHufflepuff MelodicHufflepuff Jul 14, 2017
Majestuc Aphrodite? (Please, I'm not bratty, just good with people)
EchoInsanity EchoInsanity Oct 31, 2017
You shouldn't be surprised, I mean, demigods are real, Hecate is the goddess of magic, 
                              The real question is, why /wouldn't/ there be wizards/witches?
user55376063 user55376063 Dec 28, 2017
Wizarding world
                              Two will die
                              Wizards and demigods join together 
                              Go somewhere none has been
                              Shadows that glow
                              Griffendoor leads
I know there is a lot of comments, but siriusly this prophecy made my day, no, it made my year (don’t think you can say that, but whatever)
frostbitten_rain frostbitten_rain Oct 12, 2017
I can't see them hugging
                              I'm sorry, I'm a pessimistic realist who hates the world