Dark Descendants (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover)

Dark Descendants (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover)

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Hey guys, this is a Harry Potter/PercyJackson crossover!
Here's the prologue( this won't be in the book):
Sally Jackson, a young orphaned girl, was took in to the home of
two magical beings, where she found out she was a witch.
She was adopted by a witch named Laura Jackson and a wizard
named Jim Jackson. They took care of her until figuring out her
 real father Voldemort.

Sally went to Hogwarts and was placed in Gryffindor.
She quickly befriended Lily, and they became best friends.
Sally joined the order, and one evening told everyone about
her father. No one believed that such a nice and brave witch
could have such a horrible father. Lily and James never took
that in consideration and when she was away to an order meeting,
Harry was orphaned. No one trusted her, so she ran away to 

This is the story of her son, Perseus Jackson 

A/N: This is after Order of the Phoenix and Heroes of Olympus
Sirius didn't die, instead Peter Pettigrew did!

A/N: This used to be called 'Perseus Jackson, Voldemort's Grandson'

I would have hit him so hard he would be in the infirmary for a week
I would beat the crap out of him the. Hug him and while yelling 
                              Then cry
I probably would just break his ribs by hugging him so hard.
I have also drank about half a litre of Sprite and I'm hyper as hell and I will probably realise I typed none sense later on and come back to laugh at nyself
JohnNoonan JohnNoonan Feb 08
Am I the only one to notice how much Leo is getting bullied?
Since this is a HP and PJO crossover...slytherin isn't going to be happy about Percy killing the python