Warrior 「 RWBY Reader Insert 」

Warrior 「 RWBY Reader Insert 」

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👉🏼ᴢʜᴇᴀɴɴᴀ ᴍ.👈🏼 By zheannuhh Updated Jul 10

Warrior; A warrior is a person specializing in combat or warfare.

Just like everyone else who got into Beacon, [Name] wanted to become a huntressーa warrior.


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AdenShep AdenShep Jul 18
Is it weird i have this instinct to read this in a British acceny
I just realize Glynda Goodwitch is like Glinda the good witch from the wizard of oz and ozpin is like oz
Kitty_Rawr_2004 Kitty_Rawr_2004 Aug 18, 2016
Ok that's amazingly like episode one season one....oh wait... ^\^
GrungeMuse GrungeMuse Aug 20, 2016
*le gasp* 
                              Author-chan, are you psychic?? I have a twin brother
Sociopathic-Llama Sociopathic-Llama Oct 03, 2016
… This is kind of creepy, because I was supposed to have a twin sister. But it's also f*cked up, because she died of SDS.
laic2299 laic2299 Oct 02, 2016
Everyone here has a twin but here I am when I have a younger sister by 3 years... I feel left out...