The Dark Legacy (a drarry story)

The Dark Legacy (a drarry story)

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pureblood By pureblood_elligance Updated Dec 20, 2016

Draco Malfoy was an evil prick who came from a family of dark wizards. That's what everyone believed, until Harry saw who he truly was on the Hogwarts express their first year. He saw a boy who had been raised to be evil, later to discover that he would have to serve the dark lord. Draco, however, was not that boy. Inside, Draco was caring, and Harry knew from the start that he could help him.

They harvested feelings for each other for years. Years of being closer than close and neither one admitted how they felt.

Now, it's their fifth year at Hogwarts, and Draco and Harry are inseparable. And Draco being sorted into Slytherin doesn't affect his close friendship with Ron and Hermione, too. All is well this year, except for Umbridge. Or, as they like to call her, Umbitch. 

Everything is going well with Harry and Draco. That is, until they disappear from Hogwarts. 

The Ministry says Draco kidnapped him. The students hoped they ran away. Hermione, however, being the smartest witch of her age, believed something awful happened to them. 

Now it's up to them to risk everything to save each other.

helloimfrnce helloimfrnce Apr 04, 2016
This is the start of an amazing fan fic. I can already tell!
Malfoys_Slytherin Malfoys_Slytherin Jun 25, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this!!!!! I'm already hooked!!!! It makes me happy. It makes me smile. It makes me giddy. I always wondered what would have happened if things went this way....
Doodler200 Doodler200 Jan 05
Finally someone who writes the second ps correctly.
                              (Ps stands for post script so saying PSS would be like post script script)
Whycastiel Whycastiel Aug 13, 2016
Yeah really this was like a better way to handle the situation than what Harry actually did 😂😂😂
hazzastylescute hazzastylescute Oct 10, 2016
Do people ship Cedric and voldy? Coldemort vedric? You-know-Cedric He-who-must-not-be-Cedric
Malfoys_Slytherin Malfoys_Slytherin Jun 25, 2016
I, too, just discovered Wattpad. Well, signed up for an account anyway. Freaking addictive!!!!! lol And, Draco + Harry + Drarry = <3