The Dark Legacy (a drarry story)

The Dark Legacy (a drarry story)

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pureblood By pureblood_elligance Updated Oct 28

There was always a heavy burden on Draco. Forced to be evil by his abusive father, his life was filled with many impossible choices. Draco was raised to be a servant of the dark lord, ordered to cooperate by his father, and was to marry into a rich pureblooded family. There simply was no other option for Draco- not one without consequences, anyway. 

Harry helped him through that. Hermione and Ron, too. Ron used to be wary of Draco, but after all the years, he was finally warm to him. He was a snake, after all. His entire life he had grown up to the fact that the Malfoys were rotten, no good, dark lord worshipping purebloods. And he was right. But when the Hogwarts express took off for Hogwarts, Draco met the legendary Harry Potter, and he changed entirely, and much for the better.

Now it's their fifth year at Hogwarts, and Draco wouldn't even consider becoming a Death Eater. He's found a place at Hogwarts, with his best friends, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and his life is finally together. Life isn't so bad for Draco now. Well, maybe except for Professor Umbitch. 

Right when everything comes together, Draco falls into a wonderful but forbidden love. And it's worth every second.

Now, Draco and Harry have to risk everything to be together, even if that means doing the unthinkable.

This is the start of an amazing fan fic. I can already tell!
I absolutely LOVE this!!!!! I'm already hooked!!!! It makes me happy. It makes me smile. It makes me giddy. I always wondered what would have happened if things went this way....
Whycastiel Whycastiel Aug 13
Yeah really this was like a better way to handle the situation than what Harry actually did 😂😂😂
Do people ship Cedric and voldy? Coldemort vedric? You-know-Cedric He-who-must-not-be-Cedric
I, too, just discovered Wattpad. Well, signed up for an account anyway. Freaking addictive!!!!! lol And, Draco + Harry + Drarry = <3
This is going to be beautiful I feel the butterflies already.