The Flight ➶ stydia au

The Flight ➶ stydia au

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gabs By typicalbish Updated Mar 10

A fourteen hour flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne should most likely be uneventful. 

You sleep, you watch movies, you listen to music, nothing out of the ordinary. 

So what's the chance that two people can be sat next to each other on a flight... And fall in love. There is obviously no logic to this claim, due to the fact you don't know each other and it's just pure chance you're sat next to each other.

But what if it can happen.


I don't own the characters in teen wolf, nor do I try to take credit for them. The owner is Jeff Davis (a massive dickface who won't make stydia happen which is why, people like me, have to make fake stories about it so we don't track him down and light his house on fire.) lol jk

Jayster1738 Jayster1738 Mar 29
Oh, hello. You must be the one that talks to strangers on planes. It's okay, your attractive
fvcnxr fvcnxr Nov 20
ok listen. stydia is my otp for life but they literally just met??? is this frozen
Jayster1738 Jayster1738 Oct 01
I want to, but like, I keep avoiding it and doing other things. I feel like Star Wars is the type of thing where you have a marathon or you don't watch it at all
Penny2310 Penny2310 Nov 10
Um no the movie and books are better than the weird tv show which skips over the key elements
Usually it's called a Jet Way :3 there's a second name as well
Jayster1738 Jayster1738 Mar 29
Imagine if this story ended with their being a plane crash and both of them die. Evil.