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Akayla " Dream " Smith . 

I ain't mean for this to happen. But it did. 

Yea , I'm 19. Yea , I just found out I'm pregnant. 

I refuse to abort my baby , Despite what anyone says . 

" You have to get rid of it ." 

To hear my own mother say those words hurt. 

" I'll get a job and take care of my child myself. " 

My mother wasn't necessarily angry but disappointed , I had just got accepted to NYU. 

" how bout you go live with PaPa , if you don't want to get rid of it . " she suggested this as she lighted a ciggarette . 

I knew she only wanted to keep me away from Tony , she never liked him and now her finding out im carrying his child was the last straw .

" Fine " I said refusing to cry . 

" Good ya father will take you to the airport in the morning. " she said walking out of my room . 

My PaPa lived in Houston. I lived in Georgia. 

He always complained about being alone since my Grama-Ma died . 

So it was set . I'm leaving. 

I packed everything in my room . I said my...

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