Claimed by Twins. (Book 1 Completed)

Claimed by Twins. (Book 1 Completed)

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Kayla Babs By KaylaBabs Updated Jun 15, 2016

Natasha has a secret. 

She has a sexy body, one that she keeps hidden. She was always the fat kid during high school. The kid that was always picked on. She barely had any friends. She went to college and found an interest in dance and she shed the weight however now she wears the baggy clothes as her shield. Her hair messy as not to attract the right men.  Now she is working for the bullies that bullied her. Soon the school reunion is on the horizon. Should she show the bullies that she changed and they cannot hurt her anymore or should she hide behind her armour. 

Marcus and Max are twins. They are identical in every way. They tormented her throughout high school.  Only because they secretly harboured feelings for her. 

That is why they employed her at their business. That is why they watched over her during the university years. They have been waiting years to mould her. Waiting for her to ripen so that they could taste the forbidden fruit that have been denied to them for so long. 

The clock is ticking. They given her ten years of freedom. At the reunion she will be theirs for the claiming. 

Rated 'R'

Please do not copy or Steal any content of my story. And If you want to know if this story is for your read a couple of chapters and comments. Everyone is in on this story. Don't miss out x

romance4ever romance4ever Dec 05, 2016
That was a good rhyme thnx for that shows u care about your book
RoseRayX RoseRayX Dec 24, 2016
I Can Already Tell This Is Gonna Be A Great Book 😍😁😌💙
todiesan todiesan Dec 11, 2016
Tell dem girl,  they don't control not in.  All this bla about punishment,  boys please
AfroPowerPuff AfroPowerPuff Dec 24, 2016
I wish that didn't happen to me so jelly of women with big boobs that stay after weight loss
girlwithreasons girlwithreasons Sep 18, 2016
The first thing i thought of was how to get away w murder hsjigjkydjo
parker_ap parker_ap Oct 06, 2016
The story is too short. You intrigued me and see how it ends. 😂😂😳😳😏😏😔😔 (mixed feeling)