The One They Call Lucy

The One They Call Lucy

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Clover Valentine By InoShikaCho Completed

Lucy Heartfilia is a Celestial Wizard and Natsu Dragneel is the Fire Dragon Slayer. When Lucy and Natsu take on a job that could last quite a while, Lucy begins to question their decision. Gray, Erza, Gajeel, Wendy, Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily are going with them.

The job is from a school and and Team Natsu needs to "attend" it. When at the school, Lucy needs to learn how to keep her cool around the middle schoolers when one boy in particular keeps her on her toes and all the other boys follow her around like lost puppies. Mysterious pains bite at Lucy as soon as they step into town. No one can tell what's it's from, but whatever it is, it won't leave Lucy alone.

I don't own Fairy Tail. All characters belong to Hiro Mashima. (Except OCs such as the main antagonist)

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Umm... you seriously summoned loke just to play go fish? Couldnt you have summoned plue?
ItsASong ItsASong May 17
That was a really good idea to use gemini and the way gemini acted towards Natsu was HILARIOUS!!
The smile that I had on my face. 
                              It was like Speed O Sound Sonic's from One Punch Man. That one Ninja guy
Magichatz Magichatz Dec 05, 2016
What are you trying to say Gray? 
                              Huh? That's she WEAK? 
                              Well she's not so shut your stupid mouth
MxggieChan MxggieChan Sep 12, 2016
Happy: You looooooooove him~
                              Lucy: SHUT IT CAT *pushes him off the seat*
                              Natsu: O.O what did I just witness
                              Lucy: NATSU WTF I JUST PUSHED HIM OFF THE SEAT!!!