Vicky The Vampire Hunter (The Hunters Book 1).

Vicky The Vampire Hunter (The Hunters Book 1).

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**The Hunters, Book One**

A Vampire Hunter at a prestigious Vampire High School? This should be fun.

Looking at Vicky Cayenna, you would think she was an everyday teenage girl. The only thing weird about her is her extremely colorful hair. It's blond, with blue highlights. There's nothing wrong with that. So what if blue hair is her style?

What you don't know is that Vicky Cayenna is actually an undercover Vampire Hunter attending a Private School for Vampires. She's planning to take out everyone she can of this school. All her life, Vicky has been thought one thing: You can either run like a coward, or die trying to kill as many Vampires as you can. 

Vampires are evil, bloodsucking creatures of the night, right? But what will happen when Vicky finds out some secrets about her family? What will happen when Vicky realizes she's falling in love with...a Vampire?! 

Will she run like a coward? Or will she die trying?


Cover made by: @spite-
Trailer made by: @CottonCandySugarh

Never_more_enchanted Never_more_enchanted Apr 03, 2016
How is she ever going to participate in PE or gym... Won't her lack of speed be like a huge giveaway?
iteenprincess iteenprincess Jul 17, 2016
I'm hooked, honestly. It's really an intriguing chapter. And a piece of cake is I love this kind of books ❤❤😍
olivia6238 olivia6238 Mar 01, 2016
The definition of 'bullied' is not wearing glasses and having your hair in a braid. Stereotypes
ramatamimi ramatamimi Jun 25, 2016
If they ask her to run , how will she run in super speed, I mean is their any spell to help her btw ur story is amazing! !!!!
olivia6238 olivia6238 Mar 01, 2016
This girl is going to be something special and have all three of something
Carmisemauril Carmisemauril Aug 21, 2016
Are separated couldn't help it just had to say it😄😄😄😄😄😃😄😄😄😄😄😃😄😃😄😄😄😄