HEIR | Book 1 | A Wattpad Featured Story

HEIR | Book 1 | A Wattpad Featured Story

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Marcella By MarcellaUva Completed


In the Five Kingdoms of Saol Eile, magic is the only currency and those who have the most cast long shadows across the land. Amidst lavish parties, sumptuous banquets, and sprawling castles, despicable tyrants have risen, calling themselves kings by right; emperors, by the laws of old magic, and monarchs, by the wealth they've procured. 

When it's rumored that an army of flesh-eating monsters has risen from the shadows, tyrant-kings are forced to submit to a far more dangerous power - the sorcerer standing at the head of it all: The Cursed One. 

Orphaned and penniless, eighteen-year-old Cecily Trask's magic has always been reluctant to emerge. But with the kingdoms at the brink of war, she vows to do whatever it takes to keep her people safe-even if it means breaking all the rules, reaching into the depths of her soul to unravel the bindings around her true power, and allying with the potentially dangerous prince, Daire Niadh, to do it.

In a landscape thick with mistrust, desire, and incipient hope, Cecily and Daire cross paths in an unfamiliar world forever changed by violent forces neither of them understand. They should hate each other. They should want each other dead. But their grief both draws them together and breaks them down, until all they have left is their shared goal - to defeat The Cursed One, even though for Cecily, the journey means almost certain death.


Copyright © Marcella Uva, 2014 - 2017.
Cover © Surviving_Dreams

kkathin kkathin Apr 17
I love your writing! I was totally captivated, I can't wait to go on.
This book is amazing!!! even though I am still at the first chapter i already love it !!! I love the language and the style of the writing used
Silviex Silviex May 18
So many questions! Why did Rillien look desperate? What will be the new purpose for Daire?
SquishyJitterbug SquishyJitterbug May 14, 2016
You have a very artistic way of writing, and I like how instead of placing lines and dots, you put a sword to symbolize the end of the chapter. Very unique perspective and story as well.
Ange_Ackerman Ange_Ackerman Apr 28, 2016
P.S. I think that Tom would make a fantastic elf if they were to make a Silmarillion series. I wholeheartedly approve of your casting here!
MarcellaUva MarcellaUva Mar 17, 2016
@xmoofish She definitely fits the look of my main character :o) I hope you enjoy the story!!