Bride of the Dark Lord

Bride of the Dark Lord

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She was destined to die for her people. 
He was born to end lives. With just a touch of his bare hands. 

Xemein has known nothing but distress, for the last six years. And now, to end her anguish and that of her people, she was given the task to murder a man that had proven countless times, that he couldn't be killed easily. 

The Dark Lord. 

And so, she was wedded to him, with a mission. Kill the Dark Lord and your family and people will be safe forever.  
And now, she has been given to him in marriage. What will happen now that she's confined in his lair and completely unprotected against his charms? 

Will she fulfil her mission and save her people? Or will she choose winning the Dark Lord's heart over everyone she's ever known and loved?

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes. 

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