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Element of the Heart - A Lord of the Rings/Legolas Fanfiction

Element of the Heart - A Lord of the Rings/Legolas Fanfiction

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Reese By cadwellfantasy Completed

[Warning: Though this story is completed, the entire beginning is in need of heavy editing, which will be completed by late October/early November of 2016.]

A rare creature awakens in Middle Earth. In order to right the wrong of her predecessor, she must rise up and become who she was born to be. If not, endless lives will be extinguished and corrupted. But is it enough to sacrifice all of her desires to follow her destiny? What must she give to unlock the skills and powers of her heart in order to defeat the darkness?
Meanwhile, Legolas grieves over the loss of his best friend and first love, Tauriel. Taking leave of his withdrawn father and his Mirkwood home, he searches for a path. After joining a quest that holds the fate of Middle Earth, a lingering darkness emerges as a long buried secret, causing him to choose between being the faithful follower he had always been and facing those that he holds most dear.

***I do not own or have any affiliation with J.R.R. Tolkien, the production companies, or the characters created by them. However, all other characters and storylines outside of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - All rights reserved © 2015 - presented by Reese Cadwell***

The lovely cover is a gift from @Pennywithaney

Stars_Alight Stars_Alight Mar 16, 2016
Wow, I really wish I had started this sooner!! No wonder it's so popular. :)
Ok so this is really random and I have read this story before (HIGHLY recommend) and I absolutely ADORE the new cover!!!!!! It's spectacular! Ok bye now ☺️
wayward-detective wayward-detective Mar 26, 2016
Well that decision worked out well for everyone. Nice choice, really. You completely saved everyone's life with that decision to let him chase after Sauron. I applaud you. 👏
NethEllethTeithant NethEllethTeithant Aug 05, 2016
Your story is like mine, both are about a girl that is part of a prophecy
Stars_Alight Stars_Alight Mar 16, 2016
So fun story, I was reading the pronunciation thing in Silmarillion for the first time and realized I had been pronouncing Celeborn with an S at the beginning when it was supposed be K... As in Keleborn. #lifeisalie
                              Okay, sorry, that's all. XD
mooshox mooshox Feb 27, 2016
When I watched this with my friend (at home) we were literally screaming; NOOOOOO!!!! DON'T LEAVE SAURON TO THAT IDIOT! Please don't😣