[EDITING] Fairy Tail Natsu x Reader •Save Me, My Butterfly• (Sequel)

[EDITING] Fairy Tail Natsu x Reader •Save Me, My Butterfly• (Sequel)

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【 ren 】 By YanoSan Completed

{Natsu x Reader || Sequel of 'Sorrows of Yesterday'}

Why is it so dark in here without you?

Please give me your hand before I fall, fall.

Will you stay here by my side? 

Please save me,

my butterfly.


Started: March 29, 2015

Completed: June 7, 2016



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foxlover231020 foxlover231020 Dec 03, 2016
Wait I just realized I died...I'm coming back sooooo I'm a shadow knight? (If you get the reference you are my best friend)
I have the dumbest smile on when I read it ( my mouth was open forming a idiot smile )
HannahDragneel16 HannahDragneel16 Dec 23, 2016
First love never dies.......
                              First love never dies.......
                              First love never dies......
                              NO! IT HAS TO DIE PLS! 
                              MY FIRST LOVE IRL HE'S.......HORRIBLE!
                              FIRST LOVE PLEASE DIE!!
Kat8299 Kat8299 Dec 08, 2016
Idk why but the I'm a survivor song started playing in my head
El_Levi El_Levi Dec 15, 2016
Okay when two human like each other and they do something like- *slapped*-
                              They do something like, cooking, yeah, that's live, and then they die
mirajane_demongirl mirajane_demongirl Dec 20, 2016
I thought love is a hole...
                              You dig a hole,
                              Name it Love,
                              And watch people fall in Love... 😍😍😍