Fairy Tail Natsu x Reader •Sorrows of Yesterday•

Fairy Tail Natsu x Reader •Sorrows of Yesterday•

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I ran.

I ran for a long time. 

I'm tired, I want to rest.

But if I stop, they will get me. 

They will kill me. And everyone else around me. 

But it's stupid, I'm stupid. 

I'm running even though I know the monsters are not chasing me.

I'm running even though I know,

The monsters live inside of me.

Then it dawned me,

I am the monster. 


Started: November 6, 2014
Completed: March 7, 2015

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GalaxyWolfy_girl GalaxyWolfy_girl 4 days ago
I actaully like it when acnologia is my father in these reader stories :)
isskos isskos 2 days ago
I'll get it for you!! I can just imagine how great it'll look on you!😊
isskos isskos 2 days ago
I can't... You know how they'll treat me.. You know how weak I am... You know.. that every happy memory will remind me of you..
SnowGirl097 SnowGirl097 Mar 28
Acnologia: I'll take you with me and treat you as my own child, do you want that?
                              Me: Nooo nooo nope *Runs as fast as possible towards Magnolia* PEACE OUT!!
Yunikochan Yunikochan Mar 30
Ok, I’ll add mine since every one else is
                              To the middle of my back
                              White as snow
                              Crimson red
isskos isskos 2 days ago
I love you too... Even more than you love me . * Runs with tears strolling down my face*