Levi's Angel Ereri/Riren

Levi's Angel Ereri/Riren

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Rirenislifee By Rirenislifee Updated Sep 12, 2016

Eren Jaeger is a 14 year old angel. But not just any angel, the prince angel, and on his 15th birthday, he will become to king. He goes to Earth's surface with a few angels to train.

Levi Ackerman is a well-known demon that just the mention of his name is enough to make other demons tremble. He grows rather bored with the underworld and decides to visit the surface to have some...fun.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except the plot.

Single_Pringle_Panda Single_Pringle_Panda Dec 01, 2016
All These people REALLY need to tone it down on Mikasa. We should know that Mikasa really wouldn't say this. Armin would lmao
One way is to read A LOT of fanfic and then mix it all together to create a new story.
                              And a piece of advice? Never kill the main character.
DNyshaNorris DNyshaNorris 7 days ago
If this wasn't levixeren I would be like
                              Y'all not even married yet as she already got you sleeping on the couch
The_Fab_Loser The_Fab_Loser Jul 31, 2016
Okay i have the knife, fork and some coffee to wash a bîtch down
LetsBeEscapists LetsBeEscapists Aug 15, 2016
How about you walk out of the forest and get slayed by a demon
SilverDemon-ioaY SilverDemon-ioaY Oct 08, 2016