Vampire Lovers (Diabolik Lovers &  Vampire Knight Crossover)

Vampire Lovers (Diabolik Lovers & Vampire Knight Crossover)

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Annie-Sama By anniez18 Updated Dec 30, 2018

Rumi Kuran is a pureblood daughter of the Kuran family. How come no one has heard of her? Her family hates her because of her eyes except Rido, who treats her like his own daughter. She has beautiful lapis lazuli eyes but she hates them. What happens when she runs away and meets Karlheinz?

I personally love Vampire Knight and Diabolik Lovers so I decided to make a crossover. I do not own Vampire Knight and Diabolic Lovers (only my OC). In my story, Juri, Haruka, and Rido are all alive and there is no Yui. The setting is after Cordelia and Beatrix dies. Hope you guys like this fan fiction!


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