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Fern By Earthstone Completed

My name is Violet Mercer. When I was about 4, I watched my parents die. A few weeks later, I was branded and shipped off with a bunch of other kids to my new fate, to train and learn for 10 years until I was sold to someone else as a slave.

Brutal beginning? Yeah. But it's the truth.

See, here's the thing. A few years back--maybe a little under 50--we humans did something stupid. It was part of an experiment called G42 by some genetics company that was trying to speed up evolution. What did they do? Well, they altered specific genetic strands to see if they could create a sort of super-human. Their answer? Yes. But there was a flaw in their plan.

These new 'evolved' humans, or 'evos', were everything they could have hoped for--strong, and fast, and smart. Practically immortal, too, so what was the problem? They were born without emotions. Maybe this doesn't sound too bad to you, but our emotions? They're what make us human. 

What happened next was kinda inevitable: the Evos took over. There are two strands of DNA--get one, and your set for life. Get the other, good luck living to see past your sweet sixteen. And if you are one of the crazy (or brave, depending on who you ask) people who dares to bring a child into this world, you could give them the best, longest life ever, or doom them to an early death after a suckish life.

So, yeah. Our world is screwed up. And we can't go to G42 for a solution, because as soon as the Evos realized the possibilities, they slaughtered everyone who might know something and blew up the facility.

Now, dear reader, are you beginning to understand the use of emotions?

This is my story. I still don't know how it ends, whether it was all for better or worse. But you're here. So go ahead and read. Maybe we'll both learn a little something.

Welcome to my life. I hope you survive in this new world.

By Earthstone

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cmlayne cmlayne Jan 14, 2017
This was the most interesting prologue I've ever read... a little too much info that you could save for later, in case people don't read the prologue, but most definitely not boring.
Heavenlyhash333 Heavenlyhash333 Dec 07, 2016
Ooh, really loving this world you've created so far. Very interesting.
PaintTheWhiteRoses PaintTheWhiteRoses Jan 09, 2017
Anyone else started the story off screaming the words in their heads because of the caps?
kkra4100 kkra4100 Nov 12, 2015
NO WAY YOU LISTEN TO THOUSAND FOOT CRUTCH? *^▁^*::>_<::^_^¦¦¦>_<¦¦ #^_^%>_<%ヽ(´▽`)/