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Fire Emblem Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Fire Emblem Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
Yes, I'm back with a oneshot collection for my favorite set of Boiz. It's good to be back after a long break from the fandom. I can't wait to see all of you again and he...
  • awakening
  • fates
  • heroes
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Fire Emblem Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Fire Emblem Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
How's it going Bros and gals? Your girl, Evangeline Hisahoshi, is back with a whole new fire emblem x reader book because she's back in the hype and ready to type! Feel...
  • awakening
  • birthright
  • oneshots
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Defect by Earthstone
Defectby Fern
My name is Violet Mercer. When I was about 4, I watched my parents die. A few weeks later, I was branded and shipped off with a bunch of other kids to my new fate, to tr...
  • rebellion
  • little-sparrow
  • dystopian
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Fire Emblem One-Shots by ThisIsYourTape
Fire Emblem One-Shotsby Yasmin
Ya like fire emblem? Ya want to date them all? Well, this book is literally just one-shots with the characters. You can also request one-shots, the characters and the r...
  • echoes
  • birthright
  • fanfiction
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Split Kingdoms | Fire Emblem Fates (Novelization) by MMHunter
Split Kingdoms | Fire Emblem M.M. Hunter
[Fire Emblem Fates Novelization.] Nohrian twins Princess Kassandra and Prince Norton have been estranged for six years: separated by stone, distance and hearts. When th...
  • teamsplitkingdoms
  • conquest
  • fireemblem
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Fire Emblem Fates x Reader (editing) by Corrin_of_Nohr
Fire Emblem Fates x Reader ( Shepard
Crappy fanfics I have/am doing.
  • kamui
  • leo
  • elise
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Just Fire Emblem Things by TheAnimeOtakus
Just Fire Emblem Thingsby ✨Nia-Senpai✨
[Ive thought about this for quite awhile and now it's here] This is a random book on my adventures through Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest...
  • ylisse
  • grima
  • corrin
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Sword Art Online x Fire Emblem Fates Birthright After story Crossover by ShionSchwarts
Sword Art Online x Fire Emblem ShionSchwarts
Eugeo is a village boy from another world dragged into a war between light and dark. The Kingdom of Nohr is attacking again, and Corrin needs all the help she can get. A...
  • crossover
  • birthright
  • fireemblem
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My Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Diary by kaguramitola
My Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Kagura Amitola
This is basically my daily blog on Fire Emblem Fates. Mainly on Birthright cuz that's the only Fire Emblem game/franchise I have right now. This book includes my opinion...
  • fireemblemfates
  • nintendo
  • journal
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More Than Just A Sister (Takumi X Azura Lemon) by A-rose-in-the-rough
More Than Just A Sister (Takumi 🥀
I don't know if I will update this, I've been play FE Fates so much lately and this is honestly my favourite pairing! Their support is honestly the cutest thing ever. I...
  • lemon
  • takumi
  • shigure
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Fire Emblem Fates Oneshots by RosanGracie
Fire Emblem Fates Oneshotsby Rosan Washington
A collection of one-shots for the Fire Emblem Fates games. REQUESTS OPEN!
  • xander
  • conquest
  • fates
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The Arrival, Book one of the Birthright Trilogy by DamselinaDirtyDress
The Arrival, Book one of the Nicole MacDonald
Bound by love, drawn by magick, happily ever after won't come without a fight... Looking for love, four friends cast a spell. Thrust into a terrifying new world, they fi...
  • female
  • dragons
  • fantasy
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Fuyu No Hana (Fire Emblem Fates) by Elliedragon007
Fuyu No Hana (Fire Emblem Fates)by Moved
(Post-Birthright) Kamui and Azura have vanished, Leo is king of Nohr and his son Forrest is crown prince, Siegbert being still too young after being taken out of his Dee...
  • midori
  • birthright
  • shigure
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fire emblem thoughts by lectrophobia
fire emblem thoughtsby ᒪEᑕTᖇOᗪᑌᗷ
just some fire emblem stuff put together pretty much any game out there except for games that come before binding blade. every other game i own uwu
  • awakening
  • conquest
  • revelations
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Fire emblem ocs  by hunter-author
Fire emblem ocs by hunter-author
And now here are my fire emblem ocs, I will also be putting ability's for rwby, because I might used them for a story I don't know, also if you want to use them please a...
  • conquest
  • ocs
  • birthright
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Fire Emblem one shots by xxorangespicexx
Fire Emblem one shotsby kim
Self explanatory? I do FE Awakening And Fates. (Cover made by me)
  • fates
  • one
  • awakening
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Birthright by Hope-Adon
Birthrightby Hope
After decades of conflict with Sansers, superhuman beings who invaded earth, the Allied Native Forces triumphed by creating an army of Metas and took back what was left...
  • birthright
Don't Forget [Izana x Reader] by Fandomz_Fangirl
Don't Forget [Izana x Reader]by Evangeline Hisahoshi
"Fate is... a mysterious thing really. Fate is the inevitable. You cannot change fate. Fate is in charge of the important things like soulmates, destinies, and mort...
  • evangelinehisahoshi
  • fireemblemfates
  • izana
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The Twins Separate Paths by Corrin_of_Nohr
The Twins Separate Pathsby Shepard
This is going to be based off an AU-ish plot with both Male and Female Corrin
  • corrin
  • febirthright
  • conquest
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Fire Emblem Fates Fanfiction by armin2019
Fire Emblem Fates Fanfictionby armin2019
A book filled with many different Fire Emblem Fates stories! So if your a fan of this series, feel free to read. Enjoy!
  • kaze
  • anime
  • videogame
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