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Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This

Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This

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Savannah By BUBSTER_Na_Na_ Completed

I was not expecting to turn into werewolf on my 16th birthday, definitely not expecting the word Mate to be real and very legit and  like the god damn cherry on top my parents joined us to a pack and moved me, my brother and sisters away from our only life we knew. I guess you could say I was suprised but that would be the biggest understatement of the year. The only thing I'm thinking about right now is well things could've been alot worse...... shit I really shouldn't have said that, I pretty much just jinxed myself.

Sienna was 16 when her life was turned upside down. Turning into a werewolf was not part of her plan neither was moving or finding her mate. She believed her life was perfect before moving but now she see's it for what It really was...... a mess but now her life is more messy then ever will she ever be able to clean it up?

That should have been your first clue that he's the wrong guy
mybowDoesntgoinhair mybowDoesntgoinhair Aug 09, 2016
Wh@ is this normal u speak of???Is it one of those unrealistic words like perfection.
awesome919 awesome919 Dec 24, 2015
Its like this book was made for me I have four other siblings
nobodywrites nobodywrites Aug 14, 2013
just this and I can tell your a great!! im going to like this story.... XD
carrieann72 carrieann72 Mar 18, 2013
Just a thought, but shouldn't she have been told before she changed? Awesome so far and love that it isn't the same as most werewolf stories ;)