Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend | n.h

Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend | n.h

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'I rolled off my bed drying the last tears. The ones I swore I'd never let escape my eyes. Not for that. Not for him.'

Hannah lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her life is pretty simple. Nothing much to it, really. Except she has to be cautious whenever she turns on the radio, the TV or when she reads a magazine. Why? Because she doesn't want to see his face. The boy who ruined her.

A year passed since she managed to escape him. She's been trying her best to forget everything. Unfortunately for her, his year-old explosive fame doesn't play in her favor. Obviously.

Having dated him for 3 years before he became famous, she can easily laugh at the image he and his boyband claim. 
Respect towards women? Please, she thought. 

Persuaded that with his new fame he's forgotten about her, which, in her opinion, is better anyways and wished she could say the same about her, she'll quickly be proven wrong. 

Knowing him by heart, she could reckon that when Niall Horan wants something, he gets it. 

And that's exactly what he did.

maithly_007 maithly_007 Jul 22, 2016
"For the love of god remember this is fiction." Are you Mr Nowicki??
Pigloma Pigloma Jul 04, 2016
Haha I love that " for the love of God remember this is fiction "
Lilajake Lilajake Jun 27, 2016
I want to go back to 2012 when the fandom was happy and no messed up rumors. Oh and cute adorable 5 boys
KZQuinn KZQuinn Aug 13, 2016
Wait what? ...
                              Told ya'... 
                              I'm flawless with flaws
bumpinghearts bumpinghearts Jul 23, 2016
I wish this was real, you can never find 1d songs on the radio anymore
LillyMarx LillyMarx Jan 08
I have a friend named Hannah and she's obsessed with Niall...