Make Me Break (n.h. + h.s.)(Punk!Niall)

Make Me Break (n.h. + h.s.)(Punk!Niall)

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Queen Connie By ConWeCallLove Completed

~|How can you break something that's already broken?|~  

"You've already taken eveything from me, what more could you possibly want?!"  

"You. I fucking want you, but that's the only thing you won't give me."  

"You had me, but you lost that chance the second you walked out on me."  

Love doesn't last, or at least that's what Niall believes.  

Ever since that day where Harry left him, Niall hasn't been the same.  

He smokes  

He drinks 

He doesn't even smile anymore  

And everyone just wants to know why.  

They all want to know why Harry disappeared for over a year.  

Especially Niall.  

But that's something Harry doesn't want Niall to know.  

Even if it breaks him. 

 ~*Cover credit: shipments*~

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Alex_Moreno21 Alex_Moreno21 Feb 15, 2016
This book is gonna cause a lot of tears. In the end it was totally worth it though
Alex_Moreno21 Alex_Moreno21 Feb 15, 2016
Ok just a quick comment for anyone who's gonna read this. This book is so incredibly heartbreaking but it's one of the best reads you'll ever have.
doubtNarry doubtNarry Oct 05, 2014
I'm reading this for the second time and last time I read this I was crying so much
niallhoran0200 niallhoran0200 Sep 01, 2014
Bkwdqbxmwabskqhxkiqwhxukwbqkduwhkugqkugs1ku this was the youtube trailer!!!! Omg! Finally!
mickeysblue mickeysblue Jul 11, 2014
is it because he has a kid im just guessinng but thats what it sounds like
- - May 18, 2014
I'm reading this for the second time c: I love this book even if it makes me cry