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Love at First Sight » Narry AU

Love at First Sight » Narry AU

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Jessica By ForeverUnited93 Completed

What is Love at first sight? Getting butterflies in your stomach or having your palms sweat buckets? What defines it, and is it even possible to happen? I mean you can't possibly fall in love with someone you just met... Can you?

Niall Horan- a native of Mullingar Ireland, the one who thought he would live there for the rest of his life with no complications whatsoever, until, his mother decides to pack up and move? Her job has offered her a new position and where shall they go? London to be exact. Niall is anything but okay with this but what choice does he have? He's only a minor and is in no position to live on his own.

Harry Styles- a native of London, England, the one who thought his life was everything he wanted it to be, good friends, a nice little relationship going on, just a perfect life. But what happens when that all changes in a second. Suddenly he's left with a broken heart, no friends and in the wrong crowd. So he changes, from regular student to the school's new bad boy.

These boys both have had their old lives ripped away from them, and when they first meet something sparks between the two of them, will they repair what was broken in the other? And quite possibly find a little love along the way?

© 2013/2014 ForeverUnited93

cahptivating cahptivating Oct 16, 2016
Monday is 123457
                               Tuesday is 612347 
                              Wednesday is 5612 
                              Thursday is 345617 
                              and Friday is 234567
thatonefandomlife thatonefandomlife Jul 12, 2016
I have the same 8 classes everyday plus band practices in the morning which sucks.
lynnhayes19 lynnhayes19 May 19, 2016
I fuucking love block schedules that shiit has saved my life
larrythotlinson larrythotlinson Feb 27, 2016
I have a day which has 1,2,3,4,8 and b day which has 1,5,6,7,8 and it switches every day
niallwonderdude niallwonderdude Feb 11, 2016
I just call it short and long days. Mon/Wed/Fri is short and Tue/Thur is long. But there's 7 periods everyday. In short days we have this short class called personal support. We don't really do anything exciting. It's pointless lol
iLOVEfanfiction3 iLOVEfanfiction3 Aug 25, 2016
Ok so I lied. I just really wanted to read another chapter. I'll read another one tomorrow night. Love this by the way!