100 Voicemails

100 Voicemails

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Sarah W By HSH_DeathStar Updated Jun 30

[Highest ranking: #1 in Short Story] 

After a car accident, seventeen year old Steve Carlton, goes into a coma. When he does wake up after a few months, he suffers from temporary memory loss. During this time, he starts to go through his messages and voicemails on his cellphone, trying to get a clue of who he used to be. 

Voicemails sent to him from a girl called Ari might have the answers to his questions.

A story told through voicemails.

Main cover credit goes to @DriveMeCrayCray 
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The description sounds great!! Just so u'll know, I'll be sure to read it :)
Oracle131 Oracle131 Nov 02
Kinda sounds like this anime I watched boku dake ga inai machi (Erased)
@cestlalevi jesus hecking christ. minus the coma part this reminded me of you and now i'm sad and actually crying (i don't know if tagging works like this). i'm so glad you're improving
I though this was going to be an actual book of police recorded voicemails that helped them solve a cases. I was so wrong😂 I'll keep reading, though :P<3
Loved it. So sorry about your brother... I'm glad you're publishing it :)
I hope the chapters are not to long!! First time reading more than like 40