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He runs up behind you, picking you up and spinning you around. You laugh and blush the whole time. He finally sets you down and kisses your forehead.

Sounds perfect doesn't it? That's what Abby has... with her bestfriend. He is always making her laugh and is always smiling. He is that guy at school that everyone loves, including Abby. If you see one of them, the other is sure to be inches away.

They have gone through a lot together and have been bestfriends since they were little. She's in love, he's in love, but they're both Clueless.


"Morning, beautiful," he winked. When he said that I couldn't help but blush. His arm was still around my waist and my hands were on his bare chest. I could feel sparks running throughout my whole body. I loved waking up like this. Even though he is my best friend and all, I'm happy I get this time where it feels like we're almost more then that.

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aliciarr1 aliciarr1 Jan 07, 2018
Oh lol, she says, "I don't try to steal him from Danielle. I actually care about his relationships." 3 minutes later, "...I said to her, trying to get John away from her."
lilla_0p lilla_0p Sep 14, 2017
How in love Can John be the other main persona, if he has a girlfriend🙄
PsychoBlondie PsychoBlondie Aug 12, 2017
There's more students than that in my school which is only 2 grades
veggiemeatoffical veggiemeatoffical Apr 09, 2017
aliciarr1 aliciarr1 Jan 07, 2018
Oh wait, I think you forgot the line; "....and since I like my best friend more than you, we are breaking up."
aliciarr1 aliciarr1 Jan 07, 2018
In the first paragraph, you put 'mum', now you're putting 'mom' 😂