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Blind not Deaf

Blind not Deaf

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Loryn Eagleson By LorynEagleson Completed

“ I have been nothing but good to you for the past two years!” I yell into my cell phone. I’m so angry and frustrated that my knuckles turn white from holding onto the steering wheel so tight. 
“And you know what Gary, I’m soooo done being with you, we’re through!” Then before giving him a chance to reply I hang up. I know that if I listen to him and his smooth talking I might just fall for his prince charming attitude, again.
 “uggh!” I screech into the empty SUV. The rain was coming down harder than when I left the party, making it hard to see through the pitch black.  I knew I shouldn’t be driving so fast in such weather and it being a deserted road didn’t help. I look down to see that I’m going 50 miles per hour on a 25 miles per hour road. But before I could do anything about the speed, I see that dark figure that changes my life forever. It was standing in the middle of the road, facing my car not looking like it’s going to move. Not wanting to hit it I swirl out of the way but lose control on the slippery road. I desperately try to take control of the vehicle, knowing I can’t, I cry out as it hits a tree and the world goes dark.
Alexander Miles lived a perfect life, full of good grades and wild parties. Her parents let her do most anything, her friends are amazing and her boyfriend Gary couldn’t be sweeter. Yes life was good! But one night something didn’t feel right when Gary called and explained he was going out of town.  Following his car, he parks in front of an out of control party. Still confused about him lying she followed her boyfriend into the party and finds him with another girl; worst of all, that girl has had a lifelong grudge on her. On the way home she gets into a car crash living her in a coma. During the time while she’s in a coma her friends and family visit her and surprisingly she can hear them talking to her. As Alexandra faces all the lies that she was to blind see, her heart breaks. Will Al

purplepeanutt purplepeanutt Mar 13, 2016
I thought this was a house party not my 8th grade sleepover. Bitch dab
Nijagal Nijagal Sep 06, 2014
I love your book! I have already read this many times! Great work :-)
LorynEagleson LorynEagleson Feb 08, 2012
Thank you for being my first feedback! i hope you can tell me what to improve and rread the rest of the book.