Attack on Titan  Levi x Reader

Attack on Titan Levi x Reader

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Mistress of Madness By Blood_Red_Reaper Updated May 23, 2017

This has short stories and long stories. They're all about you and Levi in love. I made it full of emotions, passion, ecstasy, and a hint of lemon. If guys have any requests or want me to make more of these comment and let me know.

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KristenWeweje KristenWeweje May 24, 2016
😤😤😤😤😤😤😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 no words can describe how into this story i am
tomboy-bitch tomboy-bitch Mar 05, 2016
Me: AYE!! 
                              Happy: AYE! Quite copying me!!
                              Me: AYE!!!
                              Happy: stop it!! *pouts*
                              Me: AYE SIR! 
                              Happy: -mumbles- oh shut up already
ShadowDarknessGirl ShadowDarknessGirl Apr 23, 2016
O///////O I'd have to admit, this chapter was SMEXY!!! Also Sexy! ;3
animefreak7812 animefreak7812 Feb 17, 2016
Really nigga really is don't think even though I like you still I'm not going to do it 😑😧
AckermansBooty AckermansBooty Jun 17, 2016
*No thanks face* I'll see your weewee. No thanks. *Cringe* I'M TOO YOUNG!
IamRussiaandFrance IamRussiaandFrance Jan 14, 2016
Well....It is true that you are the love of my of course I love