Henrys my bully, Kid Dangers my boyfriend.

Henrys my bully, Kid Dangers my boyfriend.

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Llama Queen By xXvienneXx Completed

Hey, the names Amara, I'm 14 years old and I love school... when Henry stupid Hart is absent!

Ok, ok off topic but I'm going to tell you about the horrible kid named Henry in all of my classes.  Henrys my bully and will do anything to bring me down.  I can't stand it!  But thank god I have my boyfriend... kid danger!  He makes me feel wanted in this terrible world.  I wish he would tell me who he is and visit me not in the middle of the night, but he took an oath that he'd never tell anyone... he told me one day he'd tell me who he is.

Anyways I soon find out who kid danger is, but I can't really be mad because I have a secret to tell kid danger that's just may be worse than his.

My secret is really bad.  In fact it's terrible.  Kid Danger will definitely never look at me the same.

I'm his enemy.

My favourite type of people are the ones who comment too much :)

ari_babe_xoxo ari_babe_xoxo Sep 14, 2016
This is actually my first Jace Norman fanfic I decided to read something new other than 1D so yeah
Jaele4Ever Jaele4Ever Oct 26, 2016
I think Kid Danger and Amara is gonna break up. They should!
MaddieMurray18 MaddieMurray18 Nov 08, 2016
this is like to mask or not to mask. anybody here read that? it was REALLY good
bigpizzalover18 bigpizzalover18 Nov 20, 2016
*claps furiously* this is better than my writing skills! I ship kidhurts or hamara (ship names for these two characters) 😉
Just-Clueless Just-Clueless Oct 30, 2016
Who about to bye that like why the f*ck was you even on the roof
anxkxn anxkxn Nov 11, 2016
*steps in front of amy and rolls up sleeves* Fight me m8 cmon