The Babysitters

The Babysitters

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"SATAN!" Gabby grinned, out of the blue.

"Dude, why on earth will you find us a ship name? That too SATAN?" I complained, while Jenny slapped her forehead.


Rebellious, fierce, and outspoken. Samantha Harris is everything you could ask for in a girl. There is nothing stereotypical about her. First benches are not her thing, the last time she topped her exams was years back in her dreams, and she is definitely not a queen-bee. Outcast is what describes her the best.

Warning : Do not cuss in front of her. She hates it with a passion.

Now meet Trystan Ryder. Suave, charming, narcissistic, flirty - he is everything Samantha hates in a boy. Social rader begins with him. With a smile that can kill a million, he exactly knows how to win hearts.

Warning : He cusses a lot.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you are interlocked with a person you just cannot tolerate to do a job?  And not just any job, but a babysitting one, to be specific?

A lot of chaos, right? That's what happens when Samantha and Trystan are compiled to babysit a three month old.

Spending four hours together they do a lot of things - almost burn the owners kitchen, stock his girlfriends, and lose the baby in WalMart.

Wait? Did you expect something more romantic? Well, there is a reason their ship name is SATAN.

shazlaraaa shazlaraaa Jul 15
Idc if he's everywhere. IDFC 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I just read TBBSMB and now they're going for Selena and Francisco again. Please..
He aint that cute. Look at Andrea Denver. Thats man candy right there
I heard the song and just did a wiggle that I guess was a dance😂😍
Ya know, all wattpad users need is at least one movie/tv show where Franchesco Lachowski and Selena Gomez are in a relationship 😂 that would make it a lot easier for the trailer makers and cover designers
rafcamaroun rafcamaroun Aug 04
Are you immitatating bad boy stole my it seems like it