Silence is Key. || johndave

Silence is Key. || johndave

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howdy ya'll By lancesbabygirlmei Updated Sep 05

"Please don't leave me." He says.

You think for a moment and rewind and play his words in your head, writing down on the notepad.

"i wont."

((Hi! I'm Dan, and this is my Mute! Dave, johndave story. I love hearing feedback from all of you, so please comment, vote and share my story! Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely day.))

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.......... Of course.......
                              XD WHY? 420??? REALLY?????
Meowface64 Meowface64 Apr 03
Mr. Hussie thank you for coming to your welcoming review. You are the creator of Homestuck am I correct? Yeah, I'm the Huss.
AleeaDavis AleeaDavis Sep 04
I'm just in the corner of the room crying 'cause I can't play the piano...
All these references and all these meme numbers— gODAMMIT XDD
I would listen too, untill I hear the gnote then I'm gone...
AleeaDavis AleeaDavis Sep 03
*looks at my favorite ships*
                              JohnDave, check.
                              Rosemary, check.
                              DirkJake, check!
                              Full speed ahead!