Silence is Key. || johndave

Silence is Key. || johndave

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howdy ya'll By lancesbabygirlmei Updated Sep 05, 2017

"Please don't leave me." He says.

You think for a moment and rewind and play his words in your head, writing down on the notepad.

"i wont."

((Hi! I'm Dan, and this is my Mute! Dave, johndave story. I love hearing feedback from all of you, so please comment, vote and share my story! Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely day.))

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YourTvWatchesYou YourTvWatchesYou Aug 09, 2017
.......... Of course.......
                              XD WHY? 420??? REALLY?????
Lmao I can't breathe 
                              "Room 696, Sex Ed"
                              "Room 420, Chemistry"
Moronici_McMegaDerp Moronici_McMegaDerp Sep 04, 2017
I'm just in the corner of the room crying 'cause I can't play the piano...
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Feb 25
hello dirk and jake welcome to australia please enjoy your stay
angstietyDoodler angstietyDoodler Nov 20, 2017
All these references and all these meme numbers— gODAMMIT XDD
D-Strid D-Strid Apr 02
These classes actually match up with the characters pretty well.