Silence is Key. || johndave

Silence is Key. || johndave

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TITTES!!!!! By HomestuckTrash Updated Oct 22, 2015

"Please don't leave me." He says.

You think for a moment and rewind and play his words in your head, writing down on the notepad.

"i wont."

((Hi! I'm Dan, and this is my Mute! Dave, johndave story. I love hearing feedback from all of you, so please comment, vote and share my story! Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely day.))

RowanMyBoat RowanMyBoat Oct 18, 2016
I would have died laughing if when he introduced himself he wrote 'Yo I'm Dave, I'm Mute. I'm obviously new to this school and hella gay'
Davepeta413__ Davepeta413__ Dec 28, 2016
In all the other fanfics John is all like ew no homo, I'm not a homo! Now John is the gay one and the only gay one in the school
_100d_ _100d_ Jan 01
Ms. Paint is everyone of us combined into one glorious creature
madrose4234 madrose4234 Oct 28, 2016
I feel like this is my AP language class
                              She uses examples for stuff and usually talks about how cute some kids are for the person being used for the example
NeinRemis NeinRemis Jun 08, 2016
This reminds me of my LA teacher, the class will often get into shipping wars with the teacher always being included.
fireburntSunshine fireburntSunshine Oct 21, 2016
I love that John is playing the piano. Not many fanfics I've read show him playing piano.