Our Weird Life (BWWM) (Sequel to OWR)

Our Weird Life (BWWM) (Sequel to OWR)

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Kari Hampton By karrie_999 Completed

I let him in; I gave into my urges and loved him in every complete
shape and form. His blonde locks as I ran my hands through them, his
mesmerizing blue eyes that I couldn't resist and his adorning smirk. He
captured my heart within, but I did what I thought
I had to do. And I continued what I thought I wanted. I thought I knew, but I realized that it was always him.

I let her in; even after the fucked up shit we've been through, she managed to put up with it all. Her beautiful skin and brown eyes couldn't keep me away. I could not stand not making her ignite with fury. I could not stand not being around her. I couldn't see her cry either. I thought I knew her, every inch of her, and maybe I did. But what I was sure about, that I was going to see her again. We would be together and I would not let her slip through my fingers again. 

"I look at her, the woman that my heart skips a beat for. The woman that I've fell in love with every single day. The woman that I've been through hell and back with. She's everything I want and absolutely need. I give myself to her completely. Whatever she wanted, I will gladly provide, because she has my heart in her hands." 

Continue on the heartfelt journey of the two characters you adore and want to shake some sense into all over again. Be sucked in by their love and life no one has ever known before. And be consumed by the past, present, and future of Nia Gardson and Aiden Thomas.

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these  niggas a bunch psychics , so this what  we doing  now👀👀
meecjay meecjay Jul 10
I enjoy you writing about Kain too. It's good entertainment for me.
ChinaKing6 ChinaKing6 Jun 08
Nooooooooo she can't be with him i swear if they get together I'm going to be done with this book.
I follow him on IG.... OH LAWD HAVE MERCY. Did it just ger a little hot in here BTW FOLLOW ME ON IN @shx.veyrra thnx
ChinaKing6 ChinaKing6 Jun 08
I know one thing she better have her mind right in this one lol
Wh-who asked sir, why you gotta do my girl like this🙄😭