Benefits With My Butler [NaLu:Fairytail Fanfiction]

Benefits With My Butler [NaLu:Fairytail Fanfiction]

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I'm Lucy Heartfilia daughter of Layla and Jude Heartfilia. They say I'am a princess and that's true. All of the people here at Acalypha respect me. Right now I'm here at my school Love and Lucky academy. " That's all for today class " our homeroom teacher said... I fix my things and before I finish it. My bestfriend went on my table and smile on me " What it is ?? Levy-chan " I asked her.

" well, Lucy are you free today ??" she asked me.

" No !! My parents wants me to go home, and my butler is waiting on me outside"

Her face became sad and pout " i really want to go in the mall with you right now Lucy ... " She stop talking and lightly pat my shoulder " next time huh !!" she said.

" of course next time I'm coming with you " Then I kissed her on her cheeks as I get out side the campus. I've seen our car but the guys who's standing there. Who is he ???. When I reach his place, I looked at him from head to toe and I raise my eyebrow to him " Who are you ??" I asked him. Oh !! He have a messy salmoned-haired, he has a onyx eyes. He's tall maybe his height around 185 cm or 190 cm. He also wearing a pink long sleeve inside with a black tuxedo and he has a black tie. He open the passenger seat and he bow on me.

" I'm Natsu Dragneel. I'm your newest Butler Miss Lucy Heartfilia" And he gave me grin on me.

Imayume123 Imayume123 Jul 28
Happy: that's really dangerous lushii...especially with your gorilla  strength!
                              Me: yeah! Lucy you could hurt someone ya know!
                              Lucy:SHUT UP! *hits us over the head*
                              Me and happy: see????
                     better run.....
                              Me and happy:*runs away*
A guy lost a bet so he was my butler for a day he called me milady I told him to stop cuz it made me feel old he didn't so I called off the deal so he wouldnt call me that in public then he still did that dick!!!!!!!
I thought the title of this story said, Benefits with my brother I was like WTF?
Natsu and Lucy 
                              Sitting in a tree 
                              First comes love
                              Then comes marriage 
                              Then comes Nashi!!!!!!
Imayume123 Imayume123 Jul 28
I'm officially in love with natsu! But I will give him to Lucy............just this once!☝
well at least lucy is polite but this is not the right time to be polite kick him where sun don't shine and run.