Dragon and the Princess ( Fairytail: NaLu [ Fanfiction ] )

Dragon and the Princess ( Fairytail: NaLu [ Fanfiction ] )

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" Mama, Papa I miss you so much " a girl grabbed me on my leg .. she had a scarf like Natsu and She had a bright pink hair that resembled Natsu so much.. she also had a crest of fairytail in her left arms


Natsu and I look confused " who's you Mama and Papa " we said union


" are you kidding me Mama, Papa.. I'm your daughter " the girl said


" EHHHH ??" I screamed as I woke up from the dream.

meowxxx21 meowxxx21 Aug 24, 2016
18 and already with a child....... What's up with natsu?! 😂
x8Pandora8x x8Pandora8x Nov 29, 2016
I think i would like to read this, but i get lost quickly in the grammer
_MidnightRose_ _MidnightRose_ Nov 21, 2016
Grammar needs a lot of work. Wasn't the summary better written than this?
shipseverythin shipseverythin Dec 08, 2016
Uh oh, I smell a devious happy about to tell the biggest shipper in Fairy Tail (Mira) something interesting
Roseale_12 Roseale_12 Nov 10, 2016
O.m.gosh. I just laughed my but of as soon as I read that....hahahahaha
LadyRivaille_Jaeger LadyRivaille_Jaeger May 24, 2014
Thanks for the dedication, cupcake ^^, Goodluck to you're story and I'll always stay tune~