The Deathless Trilogy

The Deathless Trilogy

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Seventeen-year-old botanist Isla Blume believes every life deserves a chance to survive, even in the apocalypse. So when collector droids kidnap her mom, she knows she has to fight back to save her life. No one returns from being collected, not even her boyfriend Daniel, and after a failed attempt to combat the droids, Isla is captured too. 

Just when she's sure she'll suffocate inside one of the droids, a group of renegade scientists, the Deathless, save Isla and her mom. They tell her that that droids have been harvesting survivors as forced labor for the government.  

After learning Isla's name, the Deathless become suspicious of her, and soon she hears why: A familiar voice to Isla repeats over a transmission from the bunker, "Find Isla Blume." Determined to reconnect with those she's lost, Isla faces her fear of fighting and joins the Deathless' first attack on the government. 

If only she could trust them to help her.

A Wattpad featured story! Follow Isla's journey through post-apocalyptic US with the trilogy! Now you can read the whole trilogy here, including bonus material and extras! 

For the complete Deathless experience, read THE BLAST and STORIES OF THE DEATHLESS too!

Beautiful cover by @MulanJiang

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AnalyMiccoTan AnalyMiccoTan Mar 15, 2016
Thank you too for creating such a wonderful story.. number one fan here of the blast. Read it many times.
MarkAske MarkAske Mar 08, 2017
The blast... Fantastic, waiting until I tell you you have a beautiful mind, before diving into deathless trilogy. Thank you soooo much for your tireless work you are amazing
TayDatPettyQueen TayDatPettyQueen Jun 17, 2016
I haven't read Brutal Blast yet one of my friends recommend your books and this is the first I seen when I searched you i think I'm going to enjoy your books anyway but still thank you so much for Writing👏
womanofthewoods womanofthewoods Mar 25, 2016
You have created your legacy. It will carry on into beyond your time. Thank yourself. God Bless You always.
- - Jan 23, 2016
Could I edit a cover for this  book? If it's alright with you? If so, what would I need to put on the cover?
GoddessofFailure GoddessofFailure Dec 14, 2015
I think I'm going to read the first to books first, read the blast, then the third book. Do you recommend this, or should I just start with the blast?