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While It Spreads by truewriteratheart
While It Spreadsby truewriteratheart
The virus killed almost everyone. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that they didn't stay dead. Two years after the end of the world, Ronia finds hers...
Snow by jule009
Snowby Julia E.
Nobody knows what day it is anymore. Nobody knows the month, the day of the week...and the only way to tell time is by the slight change in the color of the sky from...
DANGER ZONE | Daryl Dixon by somekindofstardust
DANGER ZONE | Daryl Dixonby alex
"i know you're not scared of anything, but i am." "i am scared of something." "oh yeah? what?" "losing you." - in a world where t...
BLEEDING OUT | Daryl Dixon [2] by somekindofstardust
BLEEDING OUT | Daryl Dixon [2]by alex
"when the hour is nigh, and hopelessness is sinking in." - in which bigger challenges are afoot [the walking dead] [daryl dixon x oc] [book two of two]
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 1 by Happyritas
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men The Archived BS
"Ekka, don't you want to play with the other kids?" Jean asked as she entered the room where Ekka had been hiding away, only staring out a large window. "...
Mushaboom • Daryl Dixon by amwelles
Mushaboom • Daryl Dixonby amwelles
Macon, Georgia 1989. Even when Daryl Dixon had close to nothing but his drunk, abusive father and an absent older brother Merle, he always had her. Throughout their liv...
Rotten  ✔️ by FlatMatesForLife
Rotten ✔️by FlatMatesForLife
Seventeen-year-old Spencer has been waiting for this for a while now. Ever since he started watching a new TV show, he has been wanting an apocalypse to happen. Just to...
The Deathless Trilogy by SarahPerlmutter
The Deathless Trilogyby Sarah Perlmutter
Seventeen-year-old botanist Isla Blume believes every life deserves a chance to survive, even in the apocalypse. So when collector droids kidnap her mom, she knows she h...
Radioactive Evolution by Balr0g
Radioactive Evolutionby Richard Hummel
The world as humanity knew it was gone. In its place was a radioactive wasteland, scorched by nuclear furnaces. The third millenium passed unmarked and uncelebrated by t...
Ashes by angrychinchillanoise
Ashesby Ana
Book 2 in the Burning Series: the sequel to Dust. The world is changing. There used to be men, and there used to be monsters. The line between the two is blurred now. Lo...
Family by That_Emo_Anime_Girl
Familyby That_Emo_Anime_Girl
Eren Jaeger, adopted son of Levi, now twelve, wants to join the trainees so he qualifies for the Survey Corps. Levi Rivaille, his father, refuses to let him. All Eren wa...
The Infection: Zombies Awakening (Book 1) - EDITING by 10deadmask01
The Infection: Zombies Awakening ( Art
"It was Hell's kitchen. On the dirty checker floors, was blood. Red mush stained over almost the entire floor. And I see Mommy's body lying there motionless, surrou...
The Latibule [ A dark Young Adult novel] by MissCassWriter
The Latibule [ A dark Young C. H. Hansson
FEATURED Wattpad Book (July 26, 2017) #4 in Science Fiction (28-07-2016 00:12) Hotlist. #6 in post-apocalypse #32 in thriller When you see a...
Hell-bound And Fighting [D. Dixon] by UnlikelyKings
Hell-bound And Fighting [D. Dixon]by UnlikelyKings
In a perfect world, Elizabeth Hughes is sitting in a small cafe in Atlanta city on stormy evenings. The cafe always gave off a warm and inviting glow whenever she stoppe...
Last Refuge of Humanity by Csteptoe
Last Refuge of Humanityby Csteptoe
Elisha, a woman in her late twenties has survived the supernatural apocalypse--just. The normal life of hanging out with her mates and enjoying evenings in watching tras...
Carrier Wave by robertbrockway
Carrier Waveby Robert Brockway
[2018 Wattys Winner!] [Carrier Wave is now on sale!] Humanity listened to the night sky. What we heard shattered the world. Listen...
Derelict by indyjohn
Derelictby J. M. Ford
Aliens... they came, they saw, they conquered. Our world was was nothing to them but an asset to be stripped of resources. Even 600 years after the majority of them dep...
SURVIVORS  by Winter_Snow111
SURVIVORS by A.E. Carter
Having traded one hell for another in the form of the apocalypse, Dawn Callahan - a recombinant life form known as a Shifter - has to now leave her home in the wake of h...
Short Stories in the Post Apocalypse by CyberneticPhantom
Short Stories in the Post Kane Garner
A series of short stories set in post-nuclear apocalyptic America in the late 21st century. All stories are told from different perspectives but are told within the same...
Rats in the Pipes by Adegrandis
Rats in the Pipesby VAGRANT
Nov. 2020 First place in the Cosmic Rose Awards Sci-FI genre. March 2019 2nd place in the GQ awards LGBTQ genre . Currently ranking #213 in Sci-fi out of over 81k storie...