All Is Silence - Deserted Lands #1

All Is Silence - Deserted Lands #1

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ALL IS SILENCE finished #37 of 151 for Wattpad's Story of the Year! Also a WATTYS 2015 - Dream Collections Winner! Thanks to everyone who added me to their collections! You made my year! The sequel, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, is available in print and e-book on all major ebook sites. If you are interested in hearing about special deals on this or any other works, please sign up for my monthly newsletter at

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PG-15: [Yes, you read that right. I would recommend teens not read it until they are 16!] Profanity, violence and sexual situations. Warning: There is talk of cutting and suicide. If any of these are triggers for you, please consider that when reading. Take care. Rob 

What if death forgot you? 

In a future that could be ours, Lizzie, a suicidal teen-age girl, barely navigates her own life. Then everything falls apart. In an apocalyptic land nearly deserted by disease, she lacks reasons to live until a shocking turn of events reveals a phone number. Her call pulls her dangerously cross-country to meet a stranger she thought was dead. 

In a world where there is plenty of food, plenty of gas, plenty of space... fear, anger and a lust for power still control the patterns of human life. 

This coming of age, edgy young adult novel is the debut of a former alternative high school teacher.  If you like this, try Toils and Snares, a Deserted Lands novella, sampled on Wattpad.

slowdirectioner slowdirectioner 6 days ago
I think her mom is going to gosh I can't handle any mom death...
slowdirectioner slowdirectioner 6 days ago
If this going to happen in our world,I think I will be the cat lady because 1.I easily get sick and 2.I love cats lol
slowdirectioner slowdirectioner 6 days ago
I'm really going to cry if her mom is going to die...I really can't handle that
robertlslater robertlslater 3 days ago
Wow, @slowdirectioner, I think you've left a record number of comments! Glad you like it!
Alicia20M Alicia20M Oct 07, 2016
Great start! I like the imagery and Lizzie sounds like an interesting character. I feel bad that she's alone in a crazy disease-infested world... :/
nash-vooks nash-vooks Mar 03, 2016
Drugs? I thought ibuprofen was basic med for colds/painkiller.