Mythic (NaNoWriMo14)

Mythic (NaNoWriMo14)

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Rena wanders a decaying land, searching for purpose to a life that was supposed to have been laid out for her. 

As a Mythic, the people worship the ground she walks on. To them, a Mythic is life, a living representation of the ley energy that sustains their world. But as a Mythic who doesn't know what ancient spirit resides inside her, she doesn't exist to the Order that raised her. 

Ignored and denied, Rena sets her sights on other problems. She puts her control over fire and powerful illusions to the test against the feral things that stalk the woods and follows hidden pathways through the silent forests, determined that if the Order doesn't need her, she doesn't need it. 

But the portals are closing. The ley is in chaos. The Mythics that can still save it are in danger, and Rena's about to stumble upon the biggest purpose of her life whether she's ready for it or not. 


Cover art by @46Kibahime
Cover title font pretty-ing by @Prisim

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