Aphmau And Her Sea-cret

Aphmau And Her Sea-cret

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10 seconds...

Thats all i have,

Until my secret is blown.


Aphmau Jessica Phoenix. A normal highschool girl that lives in Phoenix drop and thats just afraid of water. She never goes near the schools public pool. She never goes near anything that has water. Even if she gets like a drop of water on her she runs as far away as possible.

Or so people had thought..

What they didn't know was that Aphmau was a total different person then they thought. Not even her best friends knew who she truly was...

Coralia Irene Jessica Aphmau Crystal Oceanic

A mermaid.. One with a very special power. The power to heal and bring bring back the dead. 

Theres one thing I didn't mention about Phoenix drop.. Phoenix drop is a fairy city.. And fairys happen to HATE mermaids. 

And Aphmau happens to be the mermaid princess. Her problem doesn't stop there.. She now has the fairy rulers and the people of Phoenix drop after her.. Along with the Dark Water Merman.

Thankfully no one knows Aphmau's little 'Sea~cret'

But that might change...

Bunnibella Bunnibella Jun 22
I haven't even read it yet I'm just crying at the title. THE FREAKING PUNS!!
yol_lipop yol_lipop Jun 03
Too bad! Aphmau and aaron have 360 babies together running around their house.
I have a friend called teighan different spelling but whatever
Dear do u not know how many people will rip u to shreads if u EVER think about dating aaron
Be very aware of KC She is like a T-rex when her ship goes wrong. (Especially when its her in that ship ;3 )
                              Daaaaaang Aph! You be looking fab!