So a little while ago, I discovered Wattpad through a friend and I've been stuck with it ever since.

At first it was a way to share Sentinel with people that enjoyed and *wanted* to read books--even if they weren't perfect and littered with a whole bunch of telling and exposition and confusing sentences. It was perfect, and as I pranced about the site with my head held high thinking I'd written ten chapters of the best thing ever, I started to meet other writers.

Coincidentally, that's about the time I realised how much I sucked at writing and started stalking those other writers and google to figure out how to get better.


Other places you can find me:
> Blog! This'll be where the detailed announcements and other not-legit things go!
> Facebook page! Fanart, other random updates that don't require blog posts! There's a gallery, check it out!


Stuff that is actually about me:

- I'm a gamer.
- Australian. Spelling is weird for you Americans.
- My favourite colour is probably silver.
- I have a cockatiel! She tells me to wake up (literally) in the morning when she wants out of her cage.
- Books: FANTASY! Throne of Glass, Ranger's Apprentice, Mistborn, Percy Jackson, Night World, Vampire Academy and Artemis Fowl are among my favourites. [Eragon and Divergent disappointed the hell out of me.]



Some of my favourites ^_^

Tayne by @H4Y13Y -

Skye by @FoolishNekko

Athira by @MaliciousMoanna:

Rena by @46Kibahime



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Skyhuntress Skyhuntress Aug 29, 2016 12:37AM
Can I hire someone to come whack me over the head with a stick or something every time I open facebook or some other procrastination device when I'm supposed to be writing/editing instead?
            Will pay...
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