The Blood Wolf's Mate

The Blood Wolf's Mate

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Chloe Jo❤❤ By ChloeJohansson Completed

My 'mate' is a Foster! The greatest pack in history. My pack, Blood Moon, is the largest pack ever. We had connection everywhere but rogues still crossed our boarders. The Fosters only consist of about 80 werewolves but all natural born fighters. They're bred to kill. James Foster was the Alpha of Alphas and his daughter was my mate!

'I told you! Mate is special.' Kamden said.

'Shut up!' I growled.

'But she's special. She's a Foster.'

'She's human!'

'She comes from an Alpha. The Alphas. She's stronger than you think.'

'Yeah right.' 

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trisyheart trisyheart Apr 22, 2017
I'm laughing at how Tyler is just rubbing the information in their faces but at the same time cringing. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING
Shade_Sarcasim_Nig21 Shade_Sarcasim_Nig21 Oct 22, 2017
That is so sad. I'm taller than my gran, parents and even my older sister
trisyheart trisyheart Apr 22, 2017
If he's gonna just use her to become Alpha I have no choice but to grad my chain saw, my machine guns and my daggers. World War 3.0 is coming his way and it ain't all kittens and rainbows.
kennziee01 kennziee01 Jul 19, 2016
That's funny my brother and sisters name is tyler and Madison and tyler is older than Madison
classified-info classified-info Dec 16, 2015
Omg that's how I spell maddy to other people spell it like Maddie but I dont
geomclennstark geomclennstark Jul 04, 2015
I'm sorry but I can't stand the name Dakota for a girl bc there's this really dat guy at my school that likes me. Now every time I read the name Dakota I imagine a fat redhead hitting on me.