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The Hunted {Completed}

The Hunted {Completed}

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StrangerGranger By TeaNHeartache Completed

They call them enforcers-They are the ones that come in and clean up when laws have been broken. They are the most feared and strongest of us. They were the ones who couldn't live peacefully in the packs so they decided to make use of them. Soliditary wolves with alpha personalities. 

I am not like them. I'm worse. I'm a considered a rogue. Something that must be hunted down an exterminated. I'm not a bad person and I've never hurt anyone in my life but my wolf, I can't control her when I shift. We saw something when we were young. My whole pack was slaughter before our eyes and now my wolf is like a wounded animal she lashes out at times unable to tell between friend and foes. A uncontrollable wolf is dangerous in a pack. That is why I chose to live as a rogue, hiding from the werewolf committee and their laws.

Luckily I've learned to blend in very well but when I end up in the wrong place at the wrong time my peaceful life quickly comes to an end. Now I'm the prisoner of the enforcers who should have killed me. Why haven't they killed me? Well because by some cruel trick my mate turned out to be their leader. Now I'm stuck with someone who isn't sure if he should kill me or if he should take me to his bed. Don't I get a say in any of this? 

How could this possibly get any worse...

mommawolff mommawolff Mar 11
Ok SO you'd rather die or something your a wolf for what than
May I edit this story, please?! The grammatical errors are killing me!
She asks him 'doesn't he agree' as if she has the power of persuasion.
zyfersdaughter zyfersdaughter Dec 30, 2016
Yeah the dark alley in the middle of the night With a bad wolf following...that's so smart
hyperonlife hyperonlife Dec 12, 2016
Seriously? She knows there's a predator stalking her and she decides to walk him in the dark?
NissaTheNinja NissaTheNinja Aug 07, 2016
Oh my god she looks just perfect in that gray filter😉. Am I right people?💁