Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBT

Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBT

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Ramsky By WeHoardCats Updated 3 days ago

There's no such thing as good people, Jaylin thought. But then again, there were no such things as werewolves either. Now look at him, gazing into the stark, predatory eyes of the man he loved. There was no such thing as good people. But there was Quentin Bronx, and if not good, then what was he? 

He was beautiful, that's all Jaylin knew.

**BxB content ahead.**

To clarify: this is the kind of story where you unravel more and more about the characters as you go on. There's a lot to discover about the two MCs, so if you feel out of place at first, don't worry! All will be revealed.

Oh my... This book looks interesting and awesome, already. Excellent first chapter to set the tone. Off I go to read the next one~ :3