Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBT

Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBT

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Ramsky By WeHoardCats Updated Nov 13

To Jaylin Maxwell, there was no such thing as good people. 

But then, there was no such thing as werewolves either.

After an encounter with the enigmatic Quentin Bronx, Jaylin learns that the world around him is full of 'no such things'. He finds himself immersed in a place of magic and treacheries and learns that a curse lives inside himself; one that makes him not man, not wolf, but a beast born of all the evils shared between them.

With a dark past and an indefinite drinking problem, Quentin Bronx just might be the only person he can rely on to save him from himself.


This wasn't what Jaylin had come to understand of Quentin Bronx. What he had expected was a peaceful exit. A polite "okay, see you tomorrow." He hadn't anticipated this outcome; to be trapped between a study desk and this frighteningly tall build. He hasn't expected a man who frosts cupcakes for a hobby could make his pulse sing like this.

There was a dark cloud around Quentin Bronx, and Jaylin couldn't take his eyes off the storm.


⚠ Powerful women,  transgender princesses, & gay werewolves ahead. If you can't handle it, turn around now. 

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Omg I was actually thinking about this earlier today and I agree with it wholeheartedly
                              Basically we re all selfish mfs and there are no such things as 'acts of kindness' bc- and as the text says- people are doing good for the sake of themselves
I have read this already so I know these weird analogies stop but this one feels idk forced to me too? Maybe it's just me
i am speechless, that summary right there was one of the best summaries i have ever read and instantly grabbed my attention (that says a lot because i normally don't read werewolf books if it doesn't have anything to do with mates)
Oh My Gods! Your writing is absolutely amazing, it's so hypnotic and just FLOWS
Only saying this bc I love you but Idk about this analogy?? Maybe change this in the edited version. I can't remember if u said u we're going to
bluemotions bluemotions Mar 28
omg this looks so amazing!! love the writing style and characters! ❤