Lower Than The Omega BoyXBoy <currently being fixed and slow updates>

Lower Than The Omega BoyXBoy <currently being fixed and slow updates>

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Still Writing By MollyKillers Updated Feb 25

Keegan is a werecat it's like a werewolf but instead of a wolf he turns into a snow leopard. Two years ago he left his werecat pack and found himself a werewolf pack. Since being the newest outside member (and also being a non werewolf) he's considered the lowest ranking member. Even lower then the omega.

Ashton is working on becoming the next alpha of his pack. 

When the two of them meet at school will Ashton protect his werecat mate or will he beat him up like his best friend and beta Jackson does. Read to find out!!!

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Technically feline aren’t pack animal, they prefer solitary life and only join when they’re mating... also snow leopard are very territorial creature
Birdgirl52 Birdgirl52 Jun 03, 2016
Just a little tip: it's much easier to read stories that have basic grammar (ie. Proper capitalization, commas, etc.), otherwise people get distracted or it's hard to follow along, so it might be a good idea to proofread what you write before posting it, or get someone else to.
JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius May 22, 2013
Oh my poor Keegan! Jackson should be punish someday :) love this even though it's short.
DarkLoveAngel DarkLoveAngel Apr 04, 2013
i dont see how they can think a werecat is weeker than a werewolf...unless ofcourse, he turns into a house cat and not a jungle cat. if jungle cat then they should pretty much be on more or less even ground.
                              this book sounds interesting though, cant wait to see wat happens :)
XxNamastePeoplexX XxNamastePeoplexX Jan 14, 2013
Are these bullies serious they beat poor kids up just for the fun of it that's sick and disgusting.....and btw leopard are pretty strong cats that are more powerful then wolves in nature....love your story....:)