Enda (Boyxboy)

Enda (Boyxboy)

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Cielle By CiellaXD Completed

Canton Foster is an aspiring Chef until one day he breaks, feeling that he can no longer do it. The students of the Academy have seen one of their own fall and come to a conclusion that Canton is depressed. So he is sent to Bosworth. Bosworth is a facility for mental illnesses. Canton believes that Bosworth Institute is another asylum like place until he wanders away and falls into an old sewer while walking on the beach. The sewer drains off into an enchanted world known as Enda. 

Enda is a world plunged into war and chaos. Fire, Ice, Earth and Water Clans Fighting endlessly. Above the war and chaos, Canton is given the reason why he fell into this world...one he cannot let go.

Because if he does, Enda could be no more.

With Clans clashing, underdogs rising, the mysterious beautiful world of Enda sucks Canton in. Until eventually only a lost Prince could save us now...

(Warning: if you do not like manga style chapter parts that build up the story, then don't read it. That is all.)

  • action
  • adventure
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  • fantasy
  • love
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  • yaoi
jhttjjtnjn jhttjjtnjn Nov 03, 2017
I'm rereading this book for like the eighth time it's just that good.
chellyichigo chellyichigo May 02, 2017
Fück she's making me feel guilty and I didn't even do shït
Monstarbaby Monstarbaby Mar 28, 2017
Sorry. It's a sad moment but I'm laughing. Why Canton?? It sounds funny.
I broke down under pressure a few days ago....now yesterday I literally couldn't take it under so much stress
MizoreRoxy MizoreRoxy Aug 30, 2016
I wanna go to that school. Im sick of my pathetic excuse of a school
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Jun 12, 2016
Fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkk, what school is this? I'm getting all teary