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Satan's Boi By GaySensei Updated Jun 04

[Book #1 in the Blackwood Pack series]
  Asher has been abused by the man who has held him prisoner for as long as he can remember. He longs to be free from the unjust violence, but there are reasons he has to stay, people he can't leave behind. 
  Kade has been away from his pack and finally decides to return. While doing border patrol he catches a whiff of what seems to be an average wolf. The only thing is... that wolf is his mate.  
  Determined, Kade takes Asher away from his abuser (along with two others). Asher, not being used to people being kinda, is suspicious at being welcomed into Kade's pack with open arms.
  Will Kade be able to show Asher that he deserves love? Can Asher take down the walls he no longer needs to survive? And what will they do when Asher's abuser wants him back, even going as far to enlist a rival pack?
  ---The Blackwood Pack series---
     -His Reluctant Mate (coming soon)
     -Let Me Be Your Drug (coming soon)
     -Lies and Bullet Wounds [Side Story/Prequel] (coming soon)
  WARNING: This story is a HOMOSEXUAL romance between two GUYS. If you have a problem then I ask you to not read it.
  [Trigger Warning]: Child abuse, rape, depression, and self-hate.

Total_G33k Total_G33k Mar 31
Oh so you just gonna invade on they privacy like this. I thought better of you. HOW COULD YOU 😂 I TAUGHT YOU BETTER 😂😂
I haven't missed a prequel have I? I hope it's the story for one of the sequels!!!
Fangirl_Hype Fangirl_Hype May 25, 2016
This was a good first chapter. Enough to keep us interested but not too much that I feel like I already know everything that's going to happen. You've left a lot of room for character development as well. So good all round.
NorimaOsaka234 NorimaOsaka234 Dec 11, 2016
You can hear rabbits mating! I Wonder if the whole time their doing it, they talk. You know how when bunnies eat carrots, their mouths smack.
DoodleKay DoodleKay Dec 17, 2016
I would love to read the story about the hunter as the werewolf
Fangirl_Hype Fangirl_Hype May 25, 2016
Another good chapter, hope they find eachother in the next one. Btw the length of your chapters are also good, it doesn't drag on and it doesn't feel as if it's over as soon as you've started reading it. X